Spotlight on a series: Rick Riordan Presents

I now have completed all the currently released series for the label. Each series is diverse. As for Queer or Trans rep? So far only Dragon Pearl. One of the MC’s cousins is Nonbinary. I would love to see more Queer or Trans rep in future books in this label. Queer and Trans youth shouldnt have to wait to teen novels to find themselves within the pages.

Minor nit pick but if The Demigods can have a Gay Nico, Pansexual Magnus, Genderfluid Alex, Bisexual Apollo, Genderfluid and Queer Loki, why can’t the same transfer into his label?

As for varying skin tones, the books do deliver if thats the diversity your looking for. Dragon Pearl is Korean, Aru Shah is based on Hindu Mythology, Zane is based on Mayan mythology, and Sal & Gabi is a Cuban-based story.

If I am remembering right, we do got one more releasing this year in Oct. We’re getting two new presents next year along with Aru Shah #3 & Sal and Gabi fix the universe. One is based on Native American mythology and the other is based on the story of La Laona. I don’t know where that story is from, however. I don’t know if there is a 3rd Zane book coming or not. Not sure how long the story is. Yoon who wrote Dragon Pearl is writing another book for the label. Unsure if related to Dragon Pearl or not, however.


New Book: Aru Shah And The Song Of Death

The first book had been abit jarring. I’m not used to middle school reading like real middle school kids. It’s like reading Percy Jackson in the greek series vs Percy Jackson in the Roman series. Cover for book 3 is so pretty as well!

Harry Potter Vs Percy Jackson – Really..?

I’m not a memer. I have no clue how 99% of memes get started or by who. My cousin loves memes and since we’ve reconnected, my Fb feed is pages of her memes. I’m amused but wouldn’t go looking for them.

My Twitter feed has recently exploded with a new meme style. Where one term as a higher bar than the other ( For the sake of not upsetting the artist, I won’t share a photo but I hope you understand what I mean.).

I useally see them for bands or music styles. I just move on. I’m really not into memes. Not against, not for, just indifferent.

However, The one stating Percy Jackson is more well known than Harry potter has slipt the community in half. Oh no…drama on book twitter..who’s shocked? Not me! I made the mistake of reading the comments (erm tweet thread?) and it was just bashing left and right.

The typical ” J.K Rowling is way more known. I never heard of Rick Riordan!” or “Percy Jackson actually has rep!” thrown back and fourth. The amusing thing? both sides are correct. J.K Rowling has word of mouth online and offline. Rick’s Demigods have the rep.

As most know, I’m Queer ( Unsure if Aro or Pan, and not sure if Asexual or demi) and Transgender ( lean more towards Gender queer as having debates with myself if Gender fluid or Agender). So most would expect me to throw my lot with Rick.


I gotta side abit more with Harry Potter and I will explain why. Yes, Rick gave us Gay Nico, gave us Will who is in a same-sex romance with Nico (I haven’t seen it stated on the pages weather Will is Gay, Bi or Pan). Yes, it gave us Piper who is half Native American. Yes, it gave us Frank who is half Chinese. Yes, it gave us a ton of disablity rep as every Demigod has a learning disablity. Yes in the Norse series we got Genderfluid Alex, Pansexual Atheist Magnus, and Muslim Samirah who actually loves her religion. All of which is really great!

So why pick Harry potter who is rather dated in terms of what we demand of rep in books today? Magick. J.K Rowling made me believe teenagers can have a say. Hermione isn’t super strong. She isn’t Katnis or Tris. She is super cleaver and book smart. Luna is an odd one. Yet, her love for her friends allowed her to endure being captured. Ginny over came her horrid first year at Hogwarts to become one of the best Quitch players and a hero in her own right. Her glory isn’t tied to Harry. She earned it though blood, sweat and tears.

A group of teenagers formed Dumbledore’s army. They stood up to the hardest people to stand up to, the very adults meant to protect them. Harry could have given in from the start. Chosen to be Draco’s friend instead of Ron. One simple choice set the stage for what was to come.

I loved the stories of Annabeth and Percy. I loved watching Nico grow from pissed off child to owning his powers. I loved watching Alex be more than what her/his human father said about she/he.

Yet, what the demigods face feels so far removed. They battle Gods, monsters and sometimes other demigods who choose to stand against the Gods.

The death eaters prepared us for Trump and his followers. The books taught us not to wait for the government to believe us. We warned, we begged, we pleaded. They rolled their eyes at us. “We would never” and yet here we are in the USA.

Could I choose one book series over the other to read for the rest of my days? That would be a hard choice. I do think I would choose Harry Potter however.

Over all? The meme is stupid. Rep is great but it won’t sell a book all its own.

Blog check in

I’m really curious about how the changes are being taken. I used to post 99% reviews with random posts that were either super sad (Yay mental illness) or touching on blogger issues. Now I post zero reviews and only post on various bookish topics.

I’m getting alot more likes, and even more comment interaction. Which is so thrilling. I even got a spot on a book blog tour!

Part of me feels free to write daily since my posts dont require me to be finished with a stack of books first. Other part of me kinda misses book reviewing.

How do my readers feel? Leave book reviews for other sites ( Goodreads, Amazon,ect.) ? More mixing (Book reviews, book tags, bookish posts,ect)?

In alot of ways, I’m feeling pretty good on what I am doing. In other ways, there are topics I would like to blog on but worry i can’t tie to books ( such as more open talks on mental illness, disabled living,ect) and would flop.

If I had more spoons I would run 3 blogs for each part of me but I’m tired all the time ( Depression, IBS, anxiety, Autism & Insomnia is a nasty unfair combo I don’t wish on anyone) as it is.

I just don’t want to assume everything is going well here and then got the rug pulled from under me. Rebranding over and over is jarring both to me and you the reader.

I try not to be so “negative” and let my mental illness rule me. I always dread I’m too sad and nobody wants to be near the sad peep. I also dread being a faceless brand instead of a real person that people can and want to talk to.

I’m far from out of ideas but I don’t want to use them all up in a big batch of posts and then be dry for awhile. Daily posts sound nice, I know there was days I wrote 3-4 posts. I need to be more realistic in what is doable. Every Nov, seasonal depression hits me hard. So I dread not doing so well in the Winter.

What would I like to do?
Music playlist either for a book or couples within the book
Create more book tags and see if others want to do them too
Keep the convo going on rep in books ( more on Aspec, Mental Illness and Disability)
I have so many posts I want to do on Shadowhunters as a whole
Talks about how as a real life Witch reading fictional Witches compare
Book rec posts

Like I said, I got the ideas, I just lack the spoons and I worry (way too much I know) on keeping people happy and wanting to come back. I’m also nearing my 1 year as a book blogger! I started sometime Oct 2018, this blog was born around Dec 2018.

Though I have muse on giving up. Feeling like my tiny blogger stuff can’t reach people like the 40K blogs. I don’t think I *really* wanna stop. I just sometimes get really unsure of myself. I’m sure others are tired of the sad whiny posts.

I really do want to see what this blog has Sept 2020. To be able to look back and say I endured the doubt. To never rebrand again. I hope to get onto more book blogging tours. I have so much I want to share.