Book Review: Once upon An Edi

Biggest complaint: No Queer or Transgender rep whatsoever
Biggest Positive: Religion shown as positive force for good

Let’s get the biggest complaint out of the way first. With the current era, not having a single transgender or queer person on the page isn’t okay anymore. We go around and around in circles on demands to diversity your reading but so few books include casual transgender or casual queer rep. Religion has a bad rep when it comes to Transgender and Queer people within its faith. This would have been a great time to show Trans and Queer Muslims enjoy Eid with their family, and not disowned.

Does it take away from the book? Not enough to lower my rating of it. But, it’s still worth noting. As a Transgender (Genderfluid Non-Binary) person, and Queer (Greypansexual), I like to read books that tell me I’m not stupid for being so deeply religious.

The stories do a great job of showing religion can be positive and even tend well to a community. It does a good job of showing a moral of each story regardless of how short.

I would totally rec this book. If your coming in for some yummy queer or trans Muslims however, you’ll be disappointed.