Book Review: Don’t Date Rosa Santos

Title: Dont date Rosa Santos by Nina Moreno
Rep: Rosa is Bisexual; Casual use of real world Witchcraft
Recommend?: Totally!

I tend to roll my eyes at romance (I’m super Aro, sorry peeps!) but this one was really cute and soft. I loved that the curse is less like Lena from Beauitful Creatures and more inter-family folklore. There is so much ‘Is it real?’ and “What is the curse REALLY about?”. I love books on family were the family is flawed but not cruel to one another.

It is YA but Rosa is 18 and Alex is already dropped out of first year of Collage. So, Not your typcial ages for a YA novel (which seems to be 14-16 in most cases).

Even if you loath romance, this book is so cute, you totally gotta go on this book!