Book Tour post: Forgotten by P.C Cast & Kristin Cast

Review copy of Forgotten infront of my Altar to Loki, Frigga and Freyja

This will be a 3 part post. A book review, a music playlist and fav quotes. The music playlist will be for each canon ship. This post is *not* spoiler free. I won’t be revealing every little thing but I may reveal something you may deem a spoiler. So here is your warning to stop here.

The Book review:

As I always start my reviews off with content warnings, We’ll do the same here. Neferet is rather violent. She speaks of rape tho the person who did the act is different in the other world. Lynette also hints at being raped or abused. Neferet creates a mini cult of 4 humans. The Red Vampyres in the other world are spoken as committing mass suicide.

As for rep, we got Damien and Jack as a couple.

The first big piece of the book is on Kalona, Nyx and Erebus. With a what if and different outcome. Then we spend alot of time with Neferet and Lynette. There is very little of our world’s Nerd Herd in this book. They do appear but have the smallest role to play.

Our beloved Grandma Redbird does play a huge role, which I loved so much. She is very special to me even since loosing my Nana Feb 2013.

We get to revisits the Twins, Erin and Shaunee. In the other world, both girls are seen partying with Dallas with Shaunee asking Other Kevin if she has a choice. It was nice to see Erin again. We both share the same elemental affinity for water, and our stories mirror each other.

I would 100% say to pick this book up. P.C Cast even printed my question in the Q&A in the back. If your a Transgender reader, you can rest easy knowing both P.C and Kristin are allies!

Music Playlist:

Stark & Zoey – Taylor Swift – Lovers
Rephiam & Stevie Rae – Miley Cyrus – Adore you
Damien & Jack – Hasley – Clementine
Aphrodite & Darius – Miley Cyrus – Mother’s Daughter
Nyx, Kalona & Erebus – Taylor Swift – It’s nice to have a friend
Shaylin & Nicole – Taylor Swift – Miss Americana and The Heart Break Prince

Favorite Quote: The Ritual for grief Grandma Redbird teaches Other Kevin

  1. Light your smudge stick, and as you smudge yourself, concentrate on the cause of your grief. speak aloud the name of the person or animal or aspect of your life you have lost.
  2. when you feel you are able, carefully set aside the smudge stick on a rock or something nonflammable. then breathe in deeply to count of four–in and out, in and out—four times.
  3. with your next inhale, send your breath to a specific part of your body that hurts and when you exhale, imagine your breath carrying the pain away from you.
  4. then, aloud, ask for help from whatever is causing you grief. it can be as simple as saying ” please help me stop being so sad that you’ve gone that i can’t go on with my life.”

Huge blog announcement peeps!

Thats right, my blog is one of the stops on the Forgotten blog tour!!!! I’ll be posting a Review , Playlist and Favorite quotes on Oct 24,2019. I so can’t wait to do this! This book series is just so super important to me.

It’s one of the reasons I’m now a Wiccan. Nyx got me though some of the worse events. Grandma Redbird helped me so much when my Nana died in 2012.

Having an affinity for water myself, Erin was a lesson. It’s easy for water affinity people to choose to be ice instead of an ocean. We get hurt too easily and we feel too much.

Stevie taught me to stand for what I believed even if it may cost me. I just can’t gush on this book series enough.

I really really really can’t wait to do this! I hope I’m not fan enby-ing too much but omg omg omg.