Book Review: The Beginning Of Everything

Rep: One of Erza’s friends is questioning himself and later is stated to have a boyfriend. So he could be Bi/Pan/Gay
Trigger Warnings: There is animal on animal abuse leading to the death of an animal, towards the end, i don’t want to spoil it but fyi

This book i’m salty about for one reason, I thought it was going to be cute and fluffy, and then last four or so chaptures it throws you into a sad book. Still, I love it and never saw the twist coming.

I loved Cassidy all the same. I have switched to my chosen name (I’m Trans) to Charlotte/Charlie, and it’s so cool finding my chosen name in books but it does seem Charlotte is used often for bitchy snobby girls so, yay me for chosing it ( lol).

Totally get this book tho! Cover is a yuck ( The paper back is blue on blue) but don’t let that stop you.