Book Review: Slay

Rep: Possible that Q.Diamond is Transgender
Content Warning: Racist words used

This is a tricky book to review. Part of me really loved it! I was that kid in 1996, obsessed with Yu-Gi-Oh!, huddled infront of the TV every Sat morning to watch Yugi and Kaiba battle. Dark Magician vs Blue-Eyes White Dragon. It was a game changing Anime.

On the other hand, This book tries to justify gate keeping someone out of the game by skin color. Keira’s own mod is scared to “confess” to being Biracial. This is also the first book I ever read that used the “C” slur and I don’t mean another word for a female body part.

Keira is scared too death to show off her great game to her own black boyfriend. Only her sister acts like this is wrong. The book starts off with a white girl asking about dreads. I had to eye roll.

Would I rec this book? Yes…and…no. It’s a really tricky book. I don’t like the idea an all one racial space isn’t exclusionary. Would I call Kiera racist? Yes I would. She states she wants to go to an all black school because she hates white people. She catches herself and turns it onto “I’m tired of being a spokeperson for 2-4 black students in an all white school.”

Keira and Wyatt are the same coin. Both are racist, both are horrid people. I fully support safe spaces. They are valid and shouldn’t be a meme. It’s also wrong to assume all white people would racist in a game. It punishes the majority of good white people who aren’t racist and like to co-mingle with the ultra small but too loud racist white people obsessed with free speech.