Book Review: Twilight

I debated on reviewing this book. It’s long before we had extreme rep demands. Not a Queer person insight. We’ve all seen the Twilight memes bashing the books, movies, fans, authors,ect. But in honor of Midnight sun coming Aug 4, I figured why not? We don’t cancel books on this blog.

Reading Twilight in 2020 vs 2009 is very interesting. Not just because we know now that Jacob is fated to be a werewolf, or about the outcome in Breaking Dawn. The reading community has really changed!

Most bloggers hold books to extreme tests of diversity now. Is there any queer people? Disabled people? POC? Is the author matched up with the community she is writing about? Is it #OwnVoices? Bloggers are alot quicker to cancel and never forgive.

Let’s line Twilight up to 2020 standards. Yes, POC are included in every single book in the series and not as the bad guys while the good guys are only white. Yes, disabled rep. Billy is in a wheel chair due to advancing diabetes. Queer rep? Zero. Transgender rep? Zero. Mental Illness rep? Somewhat. Alice, Jasper, Edward and Carlisle clearly have some varying degrees of PSTD.

Is Edward the perfect boyfriend? It would depend on what your needs are. Would I date an rl Edward Cullen? Hard to say. I’m Greypan so probably not the best one to test the theory on.

Would I rec Twilight series as a whole? 100%! Breaking dawn is my least fav of the 4 novels. Also, if your new new to Twilight…erm…sorry for the spoilers! >_>;;;;

Twilight Saga returns ( as do I)

Those of us who never stopped loving Twilight ( and those of us who gave in to the hate and shoved the books, Edward/Jacob doll, and dvds into our closet) was bought back to life with the the words “Midnight sun release Aug 4, 2020” uttered into the universe (erm…Twitter).

I had sold all my books on my UU Church book fair. I was getting so much Twilight hatred by all sides. Non-stop on social media telling us how weak Bella was, how Edward is an abusive boyfriend,ect. Mocking how Bella must be dressed due to the religion of the author. Claims about the movies and weather she would allow a black actor. The author herself fled social media.

So I started my journy. Re-buying all the books. I got Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Bree and life & death new from Amazon direct. I got Breaking Dawn and the guide book from a seller. I have Midnight sun on pre-order.

I bought out all my Twilight dolls, de-dusted them and posted them on Instagram. What happened? I lost 10+ followers. Anytime I posted a new Twilight saga book coming into the mail, I lost followers. Before I posted the Twilight dolls and books, I was on track for my birthday goal. Now? It’s more and more doubtful. Do I regret it? Hell no!

Why do I still defend the books when the twitter community threw them into the cancel pile? Back in 2009, I was a baby Queer. I had it so bad for my very closeted Bi friend. Back then, I didn’t see the signs of just how far removed from my birth gender I was.

I followed her every request and demand, let her feel her bisexuality out on me and then claim to be straight and repeat. Slaved for the hopes of every after. Then, she walked out. Moved from Mass to FL with no warning.

She found out I was reading Twilight and become out raged at me. Called it a Cult and demanded me to throw the book out. I couldn’t. I had to learn what Edward was. I was walking Bella’s steps. The border’s person who told me to try it never said “vampire”. I went into Twilight fully blind. Movie trailer blaring on the TVs in the store but clueless.

I related so much to Bella. Virgo, Devoiced parents, plain and just wanting to know why I was never on the same page as everyone else. Twilight became an escape after Harry Potter. I read them in the fall as the leaves turned, it rained alot and was almost always grey with fog.

I remember sitting in the movie theater to see the movie. 22 years old, hardly the intended age group but I was in utter awe of it all. Mom? erm…not so much (She is more into Anne Rice and Steven King).

It trigged a whole love affair with vampires. I went down that rabbit hole so fast. Morganville vampires, Blue Bloods, Vampire Academy, Bloodlines (Tho I stopped it once the main ship became cannon as I hated them two together with a passion), House Of Night. Coldest girl in coldtown,ect.

Some may ask, can I go straight to Midnight sun? There is too many books to read before hand! I…can’t say for sure. It’s marketed as Twilight just from Edward’s view. And for the cover that everyone is mocking, is it the best cover of the 5 main books? No. Is it THAT bad? Erm…it could be better but I am withholding judgement to I read it. I know the mythology behind the fruit, and no, Hades did NOT rape Persephone for the 500 trillionth time.

For newer readers, I would say tune out the haters and pick up Twilight and vibe out. Weather you end up Jacob (I’m totally Team Edward, sorry!) we can still be friends (jk! I really dont care which side you end up on).