Book review: Reign Of The Fallen

Title: Reign of The Fallen by Sarah Glenn Marsh
Rep: Bisexuality ( Female x Female, where one is out right bisexual); Gay (male x male who later gets married)
Themes: Bisexuality; Turning to drug abuse to handle grief; World building without homophobia being a thing
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Odessa can summon the dead and also put them back asleep if needed. We start off with her dating Evander. His death leads her to turn to a sleeping tonix. She slowly falls for his sister Meredy, and her in turn falling for Odessa.

It’s zombies without being zombies at the same time. I really loved that. The magic a person wields is hinted by eye color. Which I loved for how different it was.

I 100% rec this book. We got queer themes, a world without homophobia,ect.