Book Review: Loki

Rep: Loki is (hintedly) Genderfluid. He does flirt abit with girls and boys, so he is kinda Pansexual but the rep does feel faint to me. Theo is Gay.
Content Warnings: Semi graphic talks of dead bodies; Odin’s shitty parenting & Frigga making excuses for it.

This book is hard to review. Some ways it’s great. Loki brags about his boots, wears black nail polish, shifts into a girl at times and even kisses both a boy and girl. In other ways, it’s trying too hard to be both MCU-connected and Comic book Connected. Odin is MCU Odin though and though. Thor is abit like Movie 1 Thor and kinda like Thor from the comics. Frigga makes zero sense. In the MCU, we see her defend Loki and stand up to both Thor & Odin, in this, she tells Loki to accept that Seidr won’t be allowed and willingly joins in Odin assuming the vision is Loki.

I only know Amora from the various one shot cartoon movies. Her obsession with Loki makes no sense, she in every movie is envious of Sif getting Thor since she wanted Thor for herself. She is alot weaker in seidr than Loki and is a follower. Both she and Frigga don’t match their old Marvel lore one bit.

Would I rec the book? Yes and no. If Loki is everything to you and your waiting for the Loki TV show and weather Loki shows up in Thor 4, and your between new issues of the 2019 Loki comic? I would say go for it. It’s a quick read. If your looking for evil Loki because you still believe Loki was 100% in control in Avengers 1, you’re gonna be in for a bad time. If you only like Thor 3, Avengers 3 & 4 Loki and Thor, you’re gonna be in for a bad time. Thor is correctly shown as the bully we Loki fans always knew he was. Loki isn’t the butt of any jokes either.

It really depends on form of Loki fan you are. For those us disgusted at Thor 3, horrified at Infinity wars, and cheated by End games, this is a good book to fill in the holes.