Book Review: We Used To Be Friends

Content Warnings: Underaged Drinking, Fade to black sex

Usually when a book is about two friends falling apart, there is a clear victim. This one I couldn’t tell who to root for and who to say was the bad friend. Kat became all about girlfriend Quinn and James became all about her parents’ devovice. I related abit more to Kat though I did feel for James.

There is underaged drinking. James and Kat both go to parties, and oddly enough the parents seem okay with it. James has sex in the book, as does Kat with her girlfriend Quinn. Not too graphic. I’m Asexual and hella sex repulsed, and I didn’t feel bothered by it.

I would totally recommend this book. For my newer reviews I’m dropping star-based ratings. I only use them on Goodreads to effect what the site will rec me.