Book Review: LifeLik3

Title: LifeLik3 by Jay Kristoff
Rep: None
Possible Trigger Warnings: One of the Lifelike commits suicide; Mass murder of a whole family including very small children

Having read Illiuminae, This and Aurora Rising, I gotta say of the 3 this one was my least fav. I totally recommend it all the same however. I struggled to remember each class of robots.

Being super new to science fiction, I am finding I prefer space and aliens to on Earth with robots.

I had hoped for some good rep but the skin color of the characters, if mentioned, fully escape me. Nobody is Queer. Evie falls instantly for Ezekiel. Also, tho I am not Christian nor always have the most favorable feelings towards the religion, the brotherhood and the preacher chasing them felt abit uncomfortable.

I have read 3 books where Jay is either the only writer or teamed up with Amie, it seems everyone of them had an anti-tech message to them. I’m not 100% comfortable with the idea of robots but I do enjoy tech so I am unsure how I feel about that recurring message.

So, I would totally say go read it! I’m getting book 2 for sure.