Book Review: The Bone Witch

Title: The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco
Rep: Transgender Character, Two Possible Gay Characters ( One for sure, I don’t know if the dress maker is out right stated to be Gay or Trans, or if He is just very feminine), Magickal System isn’t European based
Themes: Taking one’s power back while fighting a curprt government
Rating: 100% Recommend

Tea can raise the dead, which starts her on road from student Bone Witch to raising many countries to utter ash. The Past is typed in normal text and Present is typed in iltatics. This is later switched in the final book, The Shadow Glass.

This series is just so good. My favorite character is Likh, with Rahim the dress maker a close second. Likh is shown more in the final book as being possible MTF Transgender but this book being written more from an Asian perspective, you won’t find terms your more faimire with in the west. Khalad is gay but he is said instead to have “same-sex attraction”. In the same theme, we never hear Tea nor Likh use the term Transgender but repeatedly Tea asks Likh if he is born in the wrong body, and later in the final book, Likh is addressed as both she and Lady Likh. Rahim’s sexuality isn’t spoken of so I can’t say for sure he is anything more than just feminine. Which there is nothing wrong with, boys should see that they can be straight and cis, and be just as feminine as their sisters if they wish to be.

Minor complaint? Khalad, Kance, Kalen. Kance and Khalad are brothers, and Kalen is their cousin. I found with each book having to remember who belong to which role. The sames are just so alike.