Books I bought during Covid Lockdown

For the first month of Lockdown in my state of Mass, I got these books. During this time, Amazon was selectively delaying book orders. Some came next week, others a month. I spend this moth trying to figure it out.

Month of March, I realized it wasn’t worth playing games with the delayed orders, so spent most of the month pre-ordering months in advance.

Mental health in April really tanked. I’m autistic, and the loss of retuine and menu was really getting to me by this stage. Was still doing pre-orders this month as well.

Some of my spring pre-orders started to come this summer month of May. Some should be here but got delayed to Sept due to Covid.

Not included in photos are my Twilight re-buys has I already did a post on them, some books I got on Wicca as I try to avoid my religion on my book blog, and few manga here and there.