Book Review: Starfish

Title: Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman
Rep: Japanese-American rep
Recommend: Yes!

Warnings for the book: Childhood Sexual abuse; Someone tries to commit suicide; Abusive Mother

Kiko has her dream school picked out and everything sorted. Until, she doesn’t get in. A horror many dread. Her mother is a mess, her uncle may have done thing her Mother is covering up, her father has started a new family with someone else.

I read Summer Bird Blue first, and I do think I loved that one more. I did greatly enjoy the one too however. Unlike, Summer Bird Blue, there is no queer rep. I don’t know if the author herself has experienced sexual abuse so I can’t say weather this is ownvoices or not.

I would say to still get this book. It flew completely under the radar. I never heard of this book nor the author.