Book Review: These Witches Don’t Burn

Title: These Witches Don’t Burn by Isabel Sterling
Rep: Hannah is a Lesbian; Verionca makes some odd comments so she is either Bisexual or Lesbian; Morgan is Bisexual; Cal is Transgender ( i believe FTM); There is a wife and wife couple in the covan with a baby.
Recommed?: Totally!

So much rep, and the author is a married Lesbian herself so Ownvoices on top of what I already listed. Story takes place in Salem, Mass. I can understand the eye rolls at that location but as an rl Witch who lives in Mass, Salem will always be our Mecca.

I don’t know how many books ate planned in the series, Goodreads only lists 2.

There IS a case of one animal sacrifced. It is sorta off page and we only show up after the fact. So kinda a trigga warning. Also Verionca tries to forceably hook up Hannah with a guy at the bone fire and makes rude comments about Hannah having to “get used to men hitting on you”. She also spends alot of the book trying to force herself on Hannah and shames Hannah for going on a date with Morgan then promptly has sex with Savannah.

I would still totally rec this book for all the great rep.