Book Review: The Nowhere Girls

Title: The Nowhere Girls by Amy Reed
Rep: Autism, Same-Sex Attraction, Immigration, and blurry status
Themes: Girls taking on sexual harassment at school that chased out a former student.
Rating: 5 out of 5

We have three girls who start the club, The Nowhere Girls. Grace moves into Lucy’s old house and sees carvings into wood in her bedroom that lead her to ask students at school who Lucy is/was. Rosina who I don’t know if they say out right if she is lesbian or bisexual ( The dust jacket just says Queer and she only dates a girl in the book; Feel free to correct me in the comments if you know for sure if she is Lesbian or Bisexual!). She belongs to a Mexican family where her Grandmother’s legal status is bought up as being possibly in question. Erin makes up the final girl in the main three. She is autistic and it is hinted she may have been raped in another state.

The three of them try to honor Lucy by making a club where girls can come together to vent about what happen to them directly or to a girl they know.

I 100% rec this book. We got both queer themes, great autism rep and nod to issues regarding legal status.