Book Review: A Phoenix First Must Burn

Another one of the books I got that is short stories by different authors. I didn’t know that many authors from this collection. Wide range of themes between the various stories. I never know how to review this style of books. Some do each story on its own but thats just too wordy.

Between this and Black Enough, I think Black enough was better. I would still rec the book however. It’s not directed for me and I’ll freely say I’m actually drawing a bank on 99% of the book. Kinda shows the impact it had on me vs who it was aimed at.

This is why you review closer to finishing the book!

Book Review: Reverie

This book took me ages to finish. It’s really a weird book! I think it would do better as a manga or anime. Rep isn’t too bad in the book. I’m still all this time later unsure how to rate or rank,ect.

Isn’t not a bad book, it’s just really weird. If your big on anime and manga, and can read both in a text format, this book will be great for you. If not, it’ll be abit jarring.

Would I rec? Yes, it’s not a bad book and we need all the HEA Gay rep we can find. Would I rec it with the same devotion as Simon? Not really.

Book Review: Twilight

I debated on reviewing this book. It’s long before we had extreme rep demands. Not a Queer person insight. We’ve all seen the Twilight memes bashing the books, movies, fans, authors,ect. But in honor of Midnight sun coming Aug 4, I figured why not? We don’t cancel books on this blog.

Reading Twilight in 2020 vs 2009 is very interesting. Not just because we know now that Jacob is fated to be a werewolf, or about the outcome in Breaking Dawn. The reading community has really changed!

Most bloggers hold books to extreme tests of diversity now. Is there any queer people? Disabled people? POC? Is the author matched up with the community she is writing about? Is it #OwnVoices? Bloggers are alot quicker to cancel and never forgive.

Let’s line Twilight up to 2020 standards. Yes, POC are included in every single book in the series and not as the bad guys while the good guys are only white. Yes, disabled rep. Billy is in a wheel chair due to advancing diabetes. Queer rep? Zero. Transgender rep? Zero. Mental Illness rep? Somewhat. Alice, Jasper, Edward and Carlisle clearly have some varying degrees of PSTD.

Is Edward the perfect boyfriend? It would depend on what your needs are. Would I date an rl Edward Cullen? Hard to say. I’m Greypan so probably not the best one to test the theory on.

Would I rec Twilight series as a whole? 100%! Breaking dawn is my least fav of the 4 novels. Also, if your new new to Twilight…erm…sorry for the spoilers! >_>;;;;

Book Review: Crave

Crave is the clear winner to Twilight’s crown. I loved The Beautiful and I do got The Damned on pre-order. But, Crave is better. Jaxon is the next Edward Cullen. Is he as good as Damian from Vampire Diaries? Hard to say on that one.

Twilight leaves us with Vampires and Werewolves. Crave has Vampires and Werewolves, but two other factions. I won’t spoil it for you!

Unlike Edward Vs Jacob, you got Jaxon vs Fin. I am 100% Team Edward, 100% Team Damian and with this book? 100% Team Jaxon. I got a weak spot for bad boy vampires in leather jackets, so sue me!

If your looking for a vampire fluff book with a girl closer to Bella than Katniss, this is for you. Grace isn’t as Bella-like as Bella, but not too much like Elana. If you’re looking for a girl MC in the middle, this is your book. If you want a girl MC devoid of girl traits and could be replaced by a boy MC, this isn’t for you.

I loved Crave so much, I pre-ordered book 2 before I even finish the first book. Get this book now!

Book Review: Out Now

If I was using Goodreads? Between 3 and 4 stars. We finally see more Pan and Ace rep in the stories. But still so few for Non-Binary readers. If you flip to the back to see the authors, only 2 use They/Them. All Out had zero, so still an improvement.

There was a huge push to cancel Meredith Russo. She did delete her twitter and appears to have gone into hiding, so was surprised to see she had a story.

One story didn’t even have any queer rep on the page, it was abit odd. Could be a great story for autism rep. But this is a collection for Queer, so..abit of a hmmm on that one.

Would I rec? Totally! Just because I’m seeking Non-Binary or Genderfluid rep, dont mean you need to hold the stories to the same quest I’m under.

Book Review: Once upon An Edi

Biggest complaint: No Queer or Transgender rep whatsoever
Biggest Positive: Religion shown as positive force for good

Let’s get the biggest complaint out of the way first. With the current era, not having a single transgender or queer person on the page isn’t okay anymore. We go around and around in circles on demands to diversity your reading but so few books include casual transgender or casual queer rep. Religion has a bad rep when it comes to Transgender and Queer people within its faith. This would have been a great time to show Trans and Queer Muslims enjoy Eid with their family, and not disowned.

Does it take away from the book? Not enough to lower my rating of it. But, it’s still worth noting. As a Transgender (Genderfluid Non-Binary) person, and Queer (Greypansexual), I like to read books that tell me I’m not stupid for being so deeply religious.

The stories do a great job of showing religion can be positive and even tend well to a community. It does a good job of showing a moral of each story regardless of how short.

I would totally rec this book. If your coming in for some yummy queer or trans Muslims however, you’ll be disappointed.

Book Review: Wicked As You Wish

Content Warnings: Child Abuse with varying degrees of graphic details; Underaged drinking; Homophobia

Rep: Loki is Non-Binary with 2 fathers; Alex is Gay; Loki uses They/Them Pronouns; Loki *could* be Autistic (it’s not written on the pages but Im autistic and I see myself in Them);

There will be no spoilers in this review. I’m a part of the Street team for this series.

Would I rec this book? 100%! It’s so hard to find myself in books. Yes, Loki isn’t stated as Autistic on the pages. I’m Agender and use They/Them pronouns. I can’t find myself in books unless its to fix them type books.

It would have been so easy to have Loki be the butt of the jokes, being the lone Non-Cis person in the group but Rin doesn’t bother with that troop and I could hug Them for it.

Each gift is outside the norm that we see in terms of “Teens with special gifts have to defeat evil king/queen to save the world”. Which is always nice.

If you couldn’t tell, Loki is my favorite. It would be interesting to see in later books weather Loki has on page romantic or sexual perf. I would die a happy enby if They are also aro/ace like me but sadly, romance and sex sells. So, not gonna get my hopes up for that.

I’m still reading The Never Tilting world, and have never read The Girl In the well, so i can’t say if this is the best book from the author. I really loved Likh in The Bone Witch. Who is cooler, Loki or Lihk? I think each have their own warmth and I love them both equally at the moment.

Book Review: Black Wings Beating

Content Warnings: Child abuse

Brysen is Gay, and his twin sister Kylee has a special power. Out of the two, I related most to Kylee. Brysen is extremely selfish.

I have such a love affair with birds, so anything bird-base will be auto buy. I have not yet read book 2, Red Skies Falling. Book 3 is out this year. I really do need to read Red Skies falling and catch up.

I would totally rec this book to others.

Book Review: The Merciful Crow

Content Warnings: sexual content

Fei and Tavin’s romance was okay. Nothing special. Again, I think I am just too Aromantic Asexual for YA romances sadly. I am, however, looking forward to book 2’s release. I am unsure if 2 or 3 book series.

I would totally rec this book. I love birds, so the bird caste was so cool. I love anything with magick.

Book Review: Winterwood

Content Warning: Underaged drinking, Kidnapping

Unlike The Wicked Deep with debates on weather the Swan Sisters were really witches, Nora is an actual witch. Nora and Simon’s romance, oddly enough, didn’t bother me. It felt natural and fell into place smoothly.

I would totally rec this book. I loved both this and The Wicked Deep. This feels more like a winter book, where as The Wicked Deep is a summer book.