Book Review: Twilight

I debated on reviewing this book. It’s long before we had extreme rep demands. Not a Queer person insight. We’ve all seen the Twilight memes bashing the books, movies, fans, authors,ect. But in honor of Midnight sun coming Aug 4, I figured why not? We don’t cancel books on this blog.

Reading Twilight in 2020 vs 2009 is very interesting. Not just because we know now that Jacob is fated to be a werewolf, or about the outcome in Breaking Dawn. The reading community has really changed!

Most bloggers hold books to extreme tests of diversity now. Is there any queer people? Disabled people? POC? Is the author matched up with the community she is writing about? Is it #OwnVoices? Bloggers are alot quicker to cancel and never forgive.

Let’s line Twilight up to 2020 standards. Yes, POC are included in every single book in the series and not as the bad guys while the good guys are only white. Yes, disabled rep. Billy is in a wheel chair due to advancing diabetes. Queer rep? Zero. Transgender rep? Zero. Mental Illness rep? Somewhat. Alice, Jasper, Edward and Carlisle clearly have some varying degrees of PSTD.

Is Edward the perfect boyfriend? It would depend on what your needs are. Would I date an rl Edward Cullen? Hard to say. I’m Greypan so probably not the best one to test the theory on.

Would I rec Twilight series as a whole? 100%! Breaking dawn is my least fav of the 4 novels. Also, if your new new to Twilight…erm…sorry for the spoilers! >_>;;;;