Look who’s finally got Their butt back

Deck in question is Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell and Published by HayHouse Publishing

According to my blog, I haven’t posted since Dec 5. It’s now Feb 17. Thats 3 months of silence. Which, really isn’t like me.

The recurring themes since Sept for me have been “I help out, I get screamed at. I don’t help, I get screamed at”. My mental health tanked so serverly since Oct. I haven’t been able to finish I book since Sept as well.

Most of my finished books have been manga in 2020. I read all of The Ancient Magus Bride, The Flying Witch, How to treat magical beasts, Little Witch Academy. I read a good chunk of In/Spectre but with the anime coming out, they have been much harder to get my hands on to finish the series. I got 1 to 4 and then 9.

I’m far from magickally all better. My IBS has been causing alot of problems with my step-dad. He don’t wanna hear it anymore. Last Wed, my friendship group of 4 months deemed me too something and threw me out. I had to walk away from another friend group who wanted to police my wording about my own conditions because they personally wouldn’t explain it that way.

I’m bruised, battered but I’m still breathing. I recently got my first bookish order of the year. I picked up Dark and deepest red, The night country & Ember Queen. This weekend I’m for sure getting We used to be friends & Yes no maybe so. Thinking maybe I hope you get this message. Next weekend I’m going to pre-order Chain of Gold & Wicked As You Wish.

I am also hoping to get the rest of Halsey’s Manic as well in terms of music wants. I’m hoping once Ostara(Spring for non-Pagans) comes, I’ll bloom all the same. I may share photos I take in spring on this blog or would it bug people if its not just bookish related?

In other news, It’s Aro Awareness week still! I’m Aromantic Asexual and sex repulsed. For reasons, scientist aren’t fully sure yet, more Autistic people indifiy as Aromantic Asexual and Agender than those without Autism. Not to say, all AroAceAgender people *are* Autistic, but we appear to be the biggest part of the community. In my case, I flirt between Agender and Genderfluid. Not sure I’ll ever fully pin down my Gender ( or Lack of).

This year, I’m thinking of picking up alot less new series and sticking more to series I’m already reading or stand alones. Alot of yummy Transgender and Queer books are coming out, and I want them all already.

So, I *am* back back but I don’t know how I wanna book blog this year. Trying to find yourself is really hard when you have set back after set back after set back.