Book Review: Hungry Hearts

Title: Hungry Hearts by Elsie Chapman
Rep: Only Anna-Marie’s story has Queer Rep ( Her story has FTM Trans character)
Recommend: Yes!

I was hoping for more Queer rep but only one story had such rep. There really isn’t a story in here I truly disliked. I could have done without the rude remarks about white people food or cooking style. That was unneeded.

If your here for Queer rep, your out of luck until the final story. It *is* a diverse book however. I’m just tired of little to no queer rep in my books. It’s 2019, it’s not something I’m willing to over look anymore.

Would I recommend it anyways? Yes *but* I want casual queer rep more often, and let it finally be Pansexual, Transgender, Non-Binary, Genderfluid, Asexual and or Aromantic rep at that.