Book Review: Yes No Maybe So

Content Warnings: Islamophobia, Antisemitism

Jamie is a Jewish teenager and Maya is a Muslim teenager. Jamie agreed to help out the election to get closer to Maya, Maya agrees for a car. It slowly becomes something more. Personally? I so could have done with them just being best friends at the end. The romance between the two were hella not needed. Unlike most of Becky’s works, neither MC was queer in any way. There was some queer background characters. So, I guess it’s something but if your going into this via What If It’s Us? Or Simonverse, you’re gonna be sad by no queer MC.

I would still rec this book, I really loved it. if your not American, you may find the politics confusing. If your center or right leaning, you will not be happy. This book is very much directed to the Liberals.