Book Review: Everything Everything

Rep: Olly’s friend in Hawaii is Gay;
Trigger Warnings: Olly’s dad is a drunk who hits his wife and sometimes fights with Olly; The Twist could be triggering but I don’t wanna spoil said twist even tho this is an older book

Note: I can’t remember if Maddy and her Mom are POC in the book, I am not reviewing the movie

Maddy is allergic to everything, Olly moves next door and the teenagers strike up a forbidden romance.

I am so late to this and The Sun Is Also A Star but to be fair, I *hate* romance. So I passed them over again and again. I’ve been looking for light, warm and fuzzy books so I snag the box set of both books for $15.

Not much in the way of rep really. The Gay friend doesn’t own much page time. I would still recommend this book however. You can get both hardcovers in a box set from Amazon for $15. Great deal on price!