Book Review: Wicked As You Wish

Content Warnings: Child Abuse with varying degrees of graphic details; Underaged drinking; Homophobia

Rep: Loki is Non-Binary with 2 fathers; Alex is Gay; Loki uses They/Them Pronouns; Loki *could* be Autistic (it’s not written on the pages but Im autistic and I see myself in Them);

There will be no spoilers in this review. I’m a part of the Street team for this series.

Would I rec this book? 100%! It’s so hard to find myself in books. Yes, Loki isn’t stated as Autistic on the pages. I’m Agender and use They/Them pronouns. I can’t find myself in books unless its to fix them type books.

It would have been so easy to have Loki be the butt of the jokes, being the lone Non-Cis person in the group but Rin doesn’t bother with that troop and I could hug Them for it.

Each gift is outside the norm that we see in terms of “Teens with special gifts have to defeat evil king/queen to save the world”. Which is always nice.

If you couldn’t tell, Loki is my favorite. It would be interesting to see in later books weather Loki has on page romantic or sexual perf. I would die a happy enby if They are also aro/ace like me but sadly, romance and sex sells. So, not gonna get my hopes up for that.

I’m still reading The Never Tilting world, and have never read The Girl In the well, so i can’t say if this is the best book from the author. I really loved Likh in The Bone Witch. Who is cooler, Loki or Lihk? I think each have their own warmth and I love them both equally at the moment.