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Some of my picks is gonna ruffle some feathers. Please don’t send me hate mail on twitter over it. I’m so tired of not being able to gush on my OTP from Book of air and fire by Holly black cuz it’s not Jude and Cardan. Everytime I mention what it is, I get hate mail. Let people ship who they wants,hmmmkay?

I wanted so badly to like this book as I loved Cole in the other 3 books. But I couldn’t relate to Cole or Isobel in this one. Idk what is so different about it from Shiver, Linger or Forever.

Erin, not only has to deal with her mother’s weird obsession with her Autism, we learn before the story begins that she too was raped, not just Lucy

Taryn and Locke. Yes, I am the 1% of this fandom that prefers Taryn and Locke than Jude. I await your hate mail. Happens every damn time. I find Taryn way more interesting than her twin Jude. I’m super nervous about Locke’s fate as we saw a sorta preview. I hope both survive the series, and that Jude gets her true punishment for her actions in both cruel prince and wicked king.

Vivian creates a feminist zine and tries to make her school better for girls with her new friend Lucy

Ben deals with anxiety disorder as They work out questions with their gender and the falling apart of their family.

I normally dont like mating bonds but i’m really liking Aurora and Kal. I rather Auri with Kal than with Tyler. Not really into golden hero boys in media. In terms of fav characters, Fin would earn that.

Mara’s twin brother is accused of raping his girlfriend Hannah who is also Mara’s best friend. Mara’s girlfriend Charlie sides with Hannah while Mara’s parents side with Owen. We learn that Mara is forced into summer classes one year due to refusing a male teacher’s advances. The book deals with the politics of rape.

Swan Sister Hazel and Bo’s love transends life and death. Once the curse is broken and Penny is free, Bo loves Penny but still visits hazel’s apple trees.

Rumi’s little sister is killed in a car crash and her mother ships her off to Hawaii to her Aunt. Rumi believes strongly her mother loved Lea more than her. Being the unwanted child, I really relate to Rumi. She is also Aromantic Asexual like me as well.

Page is Gender Queer and questioning weather he/she/they are Non-Binary or Genderfluid. This is the book that made me want to come out last Nov.

This story takes place in Ireland. Being the Great Grandchild of two Irish Immigrants, I have always dream of going to Ireland someday.

Leigh truly believed her Mother would get better but her mother dies by suicide. She chases her mother back to her home country of Taiwan believing her mother has became a red bird.

I’m off and on with science fiction. It’s a recent try with The Illuminae Files.

I’m not sure how hyped or under hyped this book is but compared to Simon and other books in that series, this one is kinda quiet

Nikolai was the one of the 3 love interests I thought Aline should have picked. Mal is an ass, Darkling is high on himself, and Nikolai actually cared. He can be hard to love cuz he is so hard to read. He both bashes himself and puts himself on a throne of greatness. But he is one of my fav in the Grishaverse

This one was hard to pick. I have been such a reader for awhile now. often reading 2-4 books a week. But, City of Bones was a start of an era for me. Twilight was my first book series to really make me wait for the next one to come out. Shadowhunters is so many books and I never want this world to end. Mangus Bane was my first queer character. I relate the most to Alec, and for the girls I relate most to Clary.

The NerdHerd is totally friendship goals! There is 12 novels, 4 novellas and so far 2 spin off novels. No way was I gonna fit all those in one image!

Danny moves to a new state and finds out she is a Witch. She finds a new lover in Rush, and family in her coven, The Grays.