Book Review: The Lost Coast

Title: The Lost Coast by Amy Rose Capetta
Danny: Lesbian
Imogen: Lesbian
Rush: Lesbian
June: pacific islander; lesbain
Hawthorn: black; bisexual
Lelia: tan; greyromantic greysexual; non-binary
Recommoned? : Totally!

Great mix of rep. The magick each girl ( Lelia stays with She the whole book) does is super cool and very different from each other. Out of the girls, I think I relate best to Imogen, she kinda reminds me of Luna. That airy, watery dreamer who has one foot only in reality. Plus water witches are so cool.

The book to my knowledge is a stand-alone and does tie up neatly at the end.

Totally get this book for queer witches in alive forest