Book Review: Reverie

This book took me ages to finish. It’s really a weird book! I think it would do better as a manga or anime. Rep isn’t too bad in the book. I’m still all this time later unsure how to rate or rank,ect.

Isn’t not a bad book, it’s just really weird. If your big on anime and manga, and can read both in a text format, this book will be great for you. If not, it’ll be abit jarring.

Would I rec? Yes, it’s not a bad book and we need all the HEA Gay rep we can find. Would I rec it with the same devotion as Simon? Not really.


I'm Genderfluid (Non-Binary; Gender Queer) I'm Greypansexual I have Autism I'm sex repulsed and touch averse Pronouns are xe / hir / hirs / hirself

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