Book Review: Wicked As You Wish

Content Warnings: Child Abuse with varying degrees of graphic details; Underaged drinking; Homophobia

Rep: Loki is Non-Binary with 2 fathers; Alex is Gay; Loki uses They/Them Pronouns; Loki *could* be Autistic (it’s not written on the pages but Im autistic and I see myself in Them);

There will be no spoilers in this review. I’m a part of the Street team for this series.

Would I rec this book? 100%! It’s so hard to find myself in books. Yes, Loki isn’t stated as Autistic on the pages. I’m Agender and use They/Them pronouns. I can’t find myself in books unless its to fix them type books.

It would have been so easy to have Loki be the butt of the jokes, being the lone Non-Cis person in the group but Rin doesn’t bother with that troop and I could hug Them for it.

Each gift is outside the norm that we see in terms of “Teens with special gifts have to defeat evil king/queen to save the world”. Which is always nice.

If you couldn’t tell, Loki is my favorite. It would be interesting to see in later books weather Loki has on page romantic or sexual perf. I would die a happy enby if They are also aro/ace like me but sadly, romance and sex sells. So, not gonna get my hopes up for that.

I’m still reading The Never Tilting world, and have never read The Girl In the well, so i can’t say if this is the best book from the author. I really loved Likh in The Bone Witch. Who is cooler, Loki or Lihk? I think each have their own warmth and I love them both equally at the moment.

Book Review: Black Wings Beating

Content Warnings: Child abuse

Brysen is Gay, and his twin sister Kylee has a special power. Out of the two, I related most to Kylee. Brysen is extremely selfish.

I have such a love affair with birds, so anything bird-base will be auto buy. I have not yet read book 2, Red Skies Falling. Book 3 is out this year. I really do need to read Red Skies falling and catch up.

I would totally rec this book to others.

Book Review: The Merciful Crow

Content Warnings: sexual content

Fei and Tavin’s romance was okay. Nothing special. Again, I think I am just too Aromantic Asexual for YA romances sadly. I am, however, looking forward to book 2’s release. I am unsure if 2 or 3 book series.

I would totally rec this book. I love birds, so the bird caste was so cool. I love anything with magick.

Book Review: Winterwood

Content Warning: Underaged drinking, Kidnapping

Unlike The Wicked Deep with debates on weather the Swan Sisters were really witches, Nora is an actual witch. Nora and Simon’s romance, oddly enough, didn’t bother me. It felt natural and fell into place smoothly.

I would totally rec this book. I loved both this and The Wicked Deep. This feels more like a winter book, where as The Wicked Deep is a summer book.

Book Review: Yes No Maybe So

Content Warnings: Islamophobia, Antisemitism

Jamie is a Jewish teenager and Maya is a Muslim teenager. Jamie agreed to help out the election to get closer to Maya, Maya agrees for a car. It slowly becomes something more. Personally? I so could have done with them just being best friends at the end. The romance between the two were hella not needed. Unlike most of Becky’s works, neither MC was queer in any way. There was some queer background characters. So, I guess it’s something but if your going into this via What If It’s Us? Or Simonverse, you’re gonna be sad by no queer MC.

I would still rec this book, I really loved it. if your not American, you may find the politics confusing. If your center or right leaning, you will not be happy. This book is very much directed to the Liberals.

Book review: The Beautiful

Content Warnings: Celine speaks of murdering a man while he tries to rape her

Some say this book is trying to recreate the Twilight hype. I would say the cover makes it seem that way but not even close. We don’t even know all the creatures in the book. There those with special talents that appear to be like magick. We got vampires.

I would rec this book. It’s not top 50 best books i ever read or anything but if you want a vampire book but newer than Twilight, I would say go for it. I could have done without the romance but I’m Aromantic.

Book Review: Dark And Deepest Red

Content Warnings: Internalized Racism; Racism; Sexism

There is Non-Binary rep of someone born female and gender expression is now masculine.

Emil in some ways acts indifferent towards his bloodline, much to the annoyance of his parents. Rosella seems to embrace her bloodline and shows pride in her grand parents’ shoe crafting.

I 100% rec this book. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite Anna-Marie’s books, I would say that is either Blanca & Roja or Wild Beauty.

Book Review: We Used To Be Friends

Content Warnings: Underaged Drinking, Fade to black sex

Usually when a book is about two friends falling apart, there is a clear victim. This one I couldn’t tell who to root for and who to say was the bad friend. Kat became all about girlfriend Quinn and James became all about her parents’ devovice. I related abit more to Kat though I did feel for James.

There is underaged drinking. James and Kat both go to parties, and oddly enough the parents seem okay with it. James has sex in the book, as does Kat with her girlfriend Quinn. Not too graphic. I’m Asexual and hella sex repulsed, and I didn’t feel bothered by it.

I would totally recommend this book. For my newer reviews I’m dropping star-based ratings. I only use them on Goodreads to effect what the site will rec me.

Queer And Transgender YA Novels I *must* get in 2020

These are only the ones I am aware of. I like to think I’m pretty plugged into this side of Book Twitter but some may still slip past me! For newer people, I am Gender Queer. Sometimes I use Agender, Genderfluid or Transgender. I have not settled my labels but I am Non-Binary. If any the authors pronouns are wrong in this post, feel free to let me know! I don’t have them all followed on Twitter and Goodreads rarely includes Pronouns, same for Amazon book listings.

We Used To Be Friends by Amy Spalding. I’ll be ordering this book this weekend. While I would love to see more queen 13-15 year olds in YA instead of collage aged teenagers, I love books that deal with the after math of coming out and who is standing beside you once you are fully out.

Dark And Deepest Red by Anna-Marie McLemore. Currently reading. I love Their books for great Gender Queer rep. Blanca and Roja by this author is one of the way I realized I was Gender Queer and later came out.

We Are Totally Normally by  Rahul Kanakia. We need more messy Queer books. We need the right to question, fear and even have ways to work out of our hatred of ourselves. I’m so tired of the debate on what is and isn’t allowed in Queer books. I hate “bury your gays” troop, but don’t sell me nothing but happy the whole book either. Thats not the reality of most of us. The book has Bisexual and Transgender rep. The book is getting alot of hatred and some is even directed at the author.

All The Boys Aren’t Blue by George M. Johnson. Not a fiction novel but still something I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

The Deck Of Omens by Christine Lynn Herman. Violet and Isaac are both Bisexual. The first book was just so damn good. I wish the series would be longer than just 2 novels.

Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender. Felix is Transgender. I’m always happy to find more YA books with Trans rep.

The Fascinators by Andrew Eliopulos. Queer Witches? Sign me up!

Out Now: Queer Now Again by Saundra Mitchell. I got the first book, All Out. It was so good! I’m hoping for more Trans and AroAce rep this time around.

This Coven Won’t Break by Isabel Sterling. The first book had Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans rep. Hoping to see that continued in this book as well.

Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas. Queer And Trans rep with magick thrown in is my favorite.

Love is for losers by Wibke Brueggemann. Can’t say if the MC is Lesbian, Bisexual nor pan. Just that its Girl loving another girl. But still looks good.

Ninth Life by  Taylor B. Barton. Queer And Trans Rep. Really curious about this one!

Gold Wings Rising by  Alex London. Brysen has been gay in the first 2 novels in the series, so this one has atleast one gay character for us to look forward to.

The Madness Blooms by Mackenzi Lee. I loved her Loki book and her Gentlemen guide series. Transgender rep in this one.

Look who’s finally got Their butt back

Deck in question is Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell and Published by HayHouse Publishing

According to my blog, I haven’t posted since Dec 5. It’s now Feb 17. Thats 3 months of silence. Which, really isn’t like me.

The recurring themes since Sept for me have been “I help out, I get screamed at. I don’t help, I get screamed at”. My mental health tanked so serverly since Oct. I haven’t been able to finish I book since Sept as well.

Most of my finished books have been manga in 2020. I read all of The Ancient Magus Bride, The Flying Witch, How to treat magical beasts, Little Witch Academy. I read a good chunk of In/Spectre but with the anime coming out, they have been much harder to get my hands on to finish the series. I got 1 to 4 and then 9.

I’m far from magickally all better. My IBS has been causing alot of problems with my step-dad. He don’t wanna hear it anymore. Last Wed, my friendship group of 4 months deemed me too something and threw me out. I had to walk away from another friend group who wanted to police my wording about my own conditions because they personally wouldn’t explain it that way.

I’m bruised, battered but I’m still breathing. I recently got my first bookish order of the year. I picked up Dark and deepest red, The night country & Ember Queen. This weekend I’m for sure getting We used to be friends & Yes no maybe so. Thinking maybe I hope you get this message. Next weekend I’m going to pre-order Chain of Gold & Wicked As You Wish.

I am also hoping to get the rest of Halsey’s Manic as well in terms of music wants. I’m hoping once Ostara(Spring for non-Pagans) comes, I’ll bloom all the same. I may share photos I take in spring on this blog or would it bug people if its not just bookish related?

In other news, It’s Aro Awareness week still! I’m Aromantic Asexual and sex repulsed. For reasons, scientist aren’t fully sure yet, more Autistic people indifiy as Aromantic Asexual and Agender than those without Autism. Not to say, all AroAceAgender people *are* Autistic, but we appear to be the biggest part of the community. In my case, I flirt between Agender and Genderfluid. Not sure I’ll ever fully pin down my Gender ( or Lack of).

This year, I’m thinking of picking up alot less new series and sticking more to series I’m already reading or stand alones. Alot of yummy Transgender and Queer books are coming out, and I want them all already.

So, I *am* back back but I don’t know how I wanna book blog this year. Trying to find yourself is really hard when you have set back after set back after set back.