Book Review: Out Now

If I was using Goodreads? Between 3 and 4 stars. We finally see more Pan and Ace rep in the stories. But still so few for Non-Binary readers. If you flip to the back to see the authors, only 2 use They/Them. All Out had zero, so still an improvement.

There was a huge push to cancel Meredith Russo. She did delete her twitter and appears to have gone into hiding, so was surprised to see she had a story.

One story didn’t even have any queer rep on the page, it was abit odd. Could be a great story for autism rep. But this is a collection for Queer, so..abit of a hmmm on that one.

Would I rec? Totally! Just because I’m seeking Non-Binary or Genderfluid rep, dont mean you need to hold the stories to the same quest I’m under.


I'm Genderfluid (Non-Binary; Gender Queer) I'm Greypansexual I have Autism I'm sex repulsed and touch averse Pronouns are xe / hir / hirs / hirself

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