Book Review: Spellbook Of The Lost And Found

Title: Spellbook Of The Lost And Found
Rep: Queer Witches In Ireland
Recommend?: Totally!
Trigger Warnings: off page rape; Drug abuse and acholo abuse

It’s Summer and I’m in a witchy mood so going to do some witch-themed book reviews!

This book you spend the whole time wondering if anyone is really a witch, what *is* the spellbook of lost and found,ect. Magickal realism is one of my favorite styles.

All the teenagers are named after flowers, so it can be abit tricky to remember who is who, and which time line.

Olive and Rose are one set of kids in this tale. Rose *is* raped off page at the bone fire, so you never see the act at all. Hazel and her twin brother Rowan both love Ivy. They believe their mother is dead and each blame themselves for the fire that started.

It’s a tale of be careful what you ask for, and sometimes what is lost is meant to stay lost.

It’s a total mind trip but this book is so good.


I'm Genderfluid (Non-Binary; Gender Queer) I'm Greypansexual I have Autism I'm sex repulsed and touch averse Pronouns are xe / hir / hirs / hirself

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