Book Review: Georgia Peaches And Other Forbidden Fruit

Rep: Lesbian romance; Autistic Character; Pro-Queer Christians
Trigger warnings: Mention of miscarrying; Drugs and acholo abuse, Homophobic language

Joanna has to move when her father remarries and she agrees to play straight for him. Dana is a walking mess and somewhat bothered me as that stereotype Queer. Always drinking, doing drugs and sleeping around. Mary loves Jesus and struggles to balance her devotion with being Queer. George has two mothers. Mary’s brother has autism.

This book made me long for the same love Joanna and Mary have with religion and being Queer. Often I feel like I can’t be both but this book made me wish for the same options. Youth groups and church trips,ect.

There are some rude Christians in the book but 97% of them start out Queer positive and a few rethink their beliefs when Mary comes out.

I would love to find more books like this one. Queer and Religion Positive. Totally get on this book!


I'm Genderfluid (Non-Binary; Gender Queer) I'm Greypansexual I have Autism I'm sex repulsed and touch averse Pronouns are xe / hir / hirs / hirself

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