Book Review: I Wish You All The Best

Title: I wish you all the best by Mason Deaver
Rep: Ben is Non-Binary, Their sexual/romantic isn’t given; Nate is Black and Bisexual; Mariam Haidari is Muslim and Non-Binary, They are dating a girl; The author is Non-Binary so this story is OwnVoices.
Recommend?: Totally!

Ben’s coming out went alot worse than my own. I wasn’t disowned but instead my parents still call me a “she” and use female-coded gendered words when I have stated during my coming out that I am not a girl and I want They/Them/Theirs.

Finding Non-Binary rep is nearly impossible so I was unsure how this book would be, as no two Non-Binary people have the same extact world view. I’m Genderfluid, that already colors my Non-Binary existance very differently.

I love love love the use of “They” for Ben and others in the book. It might normalize it’s usage the more it’s used in YA novels.

Totally get on this book!


I'm Genderfluid (Non-Binary; Gender Queer) I'm Greypansexual I have Autism I'm sex repulsed and touch averse Pronouns are xe / hir / hirs / hirself

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